About D3i

Design 3 International is founded by three friends and partners who together share in a collective passion that strives to achieve one ambition - the delivery of exceptional design.

Jim Baeck



As a founding Principal of DESIGN 3 INTERNATIONAL, Jim is involved in all aspects of project design, from the inital Feasibility and Concept, Schematic Design and Design Development through to the Construction Documentation Phases. Jim unites the flexibility of his artistic talent with the practical realities of design and planning, to facilitate the ever-changing requirements of the development industry. From the big picture, down to the intricacy of the details, his ability to find solutions to complex problems, and provide cohesive, fully integrated, successful designs, is a testament to his diligence and resolve.

Over the years, Jim has managed and directed all phases of documentation and administration. His extensive experience in the full scope of architectural design services has allowed him to demonstrate his expertise on a wide range of building type and project scale including Hotels and Resorts, High-Rise Office, Town Centers, Cinemas, Residential, Retail, Entertainment, and Mixed-Use destinations.

Jim's design direction has fashioned and influenced the outcome of many award-winning developments across the globe, and his hands-on approach continues to garner him the respect of both clients and colleagues alike. He approaches every challenge with a creative enrgy, and a keen awareness of both the opportunities and practical constrains, with the determination to design projects that work. He is dedicated to providing exemplary design services to our clients, and ultimately to delivering well conceived and successful design soltuons to the world stage.

  • 1984 - University of Virginia
    Bachelor of Science in Architecture
  • 1987 - University of Maryland
    Juris Doctor
  • 1987 - Bar Association
  • 1991 - Architectural Registration
    Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Washington, DC
  • 2012 - American Institute of Architects
  • 2013 - International Council of Shopping Centers

Simon Sykes



As a founding Principal of DESIGN 3 INTERNATIONAL, Simon is involved in all aspects of the design process, from the initial Feasibility and Concept phases, through Schematic Design and Design Development.  A combination of Simon's innate ability to maintain focus upon the big picture, and the creativity of his personable team approach, have allowed him to orchestrate the design direction and projects of every imaginable scale adn type both home and abroad.  

Throughout his career, Simon has fashioned the design of many award-winning projects and his expertise extends to virtually all commercial building and development types including, Retail and Entertainment, Residential, Office, Hospitality and Resort, Master Planned Communities, Town Centers, and large Mixed-Use developments.  

His enthusiasm to approach any creative challenge, his flexibility and willingness to respond to any brief, and his ability to work in any style of genre, have afforded him the opportunity to provide creative design solutions for a great diversity of projects.  Unwavering in his conviction that architectural design, is fundamentally about the interaction of people and their relationship to the environment, his intuitive understanding of human scale and the comfort of space are inherent throughout his designs. 

Specializing in the conceptualization and design of Mixed-Use developments, Simon is dedicated to establishing new standards, and continues to pioneer innovative commerical Mixed-Use solutions around the world.  

  • 1982 - Rochdale School of Art, England
    Fine Arts, Sculpture and Ceramics
  • 1986 - Leeds School of Architecture, England
    Bachelor of Science in Architecture RIBA 1
  • 1990 - Leeds School of Architecture, England
    Graduate Diploma in Architecture RIBA II
  • 2013 - International Council of Shopping Centers

William Lopez



As a founding Principal of DESIGN 3 INTERNATIONAL, William is involved in all aspects of the design conceptualization, its subsequent development, and the supervision of project teams.  Instrumental in guiding the artistic and design innovation direction of the firm, with his talent for combining novel and inventive systems, and an eye for balancing sculptural elements, his creativity has lead to the design of many prestigious projects around the world.

Over the past 25 years, William has been the recipient of numerous design awards, and his experience spans a wide variety of project and development types including Retail and Entertainment, Resort and Hotel, High-Rise Office and Residential, Master-Planned Communities and Mixed-Use destinations.  

Excelling as a designer, his early education in the fine arts greatly influenced the use of dramatic and sculptural forms that have come to typify his style.  His unique approach is distinguished by his use of scale models as an integral component of the design process, where he combines scale and proportion with the embrace of light, texture and color.

His relentless exploration of design options, through the tactity of hands-on models, proves invaluable to convey a multitude of concepts and design ideas, quickly and succinctly, to our clients' development teams and fellow colleagues alike. 

  • 1980 - University of Houston
    School of Fine Arts
  • 1986 - University of Texas at Austin
    Bachelor of Architecture
  • 2013 - International Council of Shopping Centers